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Bistro M opened its doors in March 2003. Needless to say the owners, Marcel and Sylvia Fortuin were a little nervous about opening a Fine Dinning Restaurant in McAllen.


When Chef Marcel and Sylvia, (a McAllen native) came to McAllen twelve years ago, he arrived here all wide-eyed and bushy- tailed, (he actually had a pony-tail back then) convinced that, in this “culinary desert” he could make a difference. Doors would open for him, opportunities abound, he’d live the American dream in no time flat. That, at least is what he expected. The reality was very different.

Local Restaurants labeled him “overqualified, to demanding and way out there”. But that didn’t stop him. The idea of private chef services was born. This way, he could cater to the needs of a few well traveled Valley- ites and build his reputation. The culinary-arts chair at STCC, (the local college) had heard about “the French chef” who is actually from The Netherlands, and offered him a position in their program as instructor. In the classroom Chef Marcel flourished, he had found some kindred spirits, young enthusiastic minds that were interested in what he had to teach. During this time he got in touch with the Texas Department of Health and became an instructor for that organization as well.

During one wine-tasting where he provided the hors d’oeuvres, he met a gentleman who would be the nudge toward opening Bistro M. This gentleman (the president of a local bank) was so impressed by the quality and originality of Chef Marcel’s food that he decided to hire him as his personal chef. Everyday he would invite clients and entertain them in the executive dining room. Here Chef Marcel met many influential people, who told him how fantastic his food was and that he should open his own restaurant. After hearing this day in, day out, month in, month out, he started believing that McAllen was finally ready for him. So plans were drawn-up to start with what was to become Bistro M.

McAllen and the rest of the Rio Grande Valley has been wonderful to Bistro M. It has been quite a challenge educating the Valley what Fine Dining is all about.   This first and only true Fine Dinning restaurant in the Valley is well into its 7 th year in business, thanks to all our Valley regulars that appreciate fine food and wine and business travelers from all across the US. When business travelers fly in to McAllen and ask their 1 st class companions where to go dine, Bistro M is mentioned more and more. Many guests thank Sylvia, for bringing Chef Marcel to McAllen; for it is because of her they are enjoying his great food.


Bistro M has 12 employees, half of which have been there since the very first day. Yes, the employees are regarded as family. Bistro M is closed 1 week during the summer so that all employees take their Summer Vacation with their families and is closed 1 week for the Christmas Holidays. (This is the European way, time off and family are very important)



The Valley is so lucky to have a renowned Executive Chef like Marcel Fortuin, yet so many have not had the pleasure of visiting Bistro M. By keeping with his creed, ( "To cater to his guests as if they were his finest friends and to cook the most excellent food possible .") Chef Marcel is convinced that eventually, Bistro M will become a destination.



If you really want to enjoy exceptional food prepared by a skilled European Chef, Bistro M is the place to go. You do not have to leave the Valley to Fine Dine anymore.

You can actually enjoy exceptional food and a beautiful glass of wine, while listening to live music played by a classically schooled pianist, on a Baby Grand piano, in the Valley!   McAllen has come a long way and Bistro M is proud to be a part of that growth.




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